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Joyce Watkins

Senior Risk Officer

Investment Management Company

Very positive experience - interpreter was very diligent in clarifying and making sure the advice given was clear and well understood by the client.

Harold Dean


Boutique Consulting Firm

We have used their services here in UK and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a fast interpreter via Telephone.


We used their services online. It was a successful meeting on both ends. Business completed. Many thanks.

Oliver Donovan

Thank you guys for a wonderful Zoom conference call, boh parties were very happy. Next time, we shall meet in your town for a German beer! Cheers!

Debra Ward

HR Director

Biotech Company

We were very pleased with the companies interpreters and their services.

Jack Bryan

VP Marketing & Sales

Internet Company

I would highly recommend their services.

Adam Kant

Business Development Manager

Venture Capital Firm

The professionalism exhibited by your interpreters and on-site coordinator ensured that the Convention was of benefit to all delegates, who were able to fully engage with the content in Czech language. Thank you.